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Scamming a Machan? Try Harder Deyyy

So yeah, all of a sudden I decided to put up some of my old coins (1960’s punya) for sale in when I was greeted by a foreigner via Whatsapp almost immediately kononnya from Singapore trying his level best to convince me to sell off the coins to him. Having experienced with many scammers in the past, I can pretty much 99.99% certify that this bugger is a noob scammer. Come on Nigerian scammers, don’t you guys at least wait for a few hours or days just to make the whole interested-buying-thing look realistic? Ingge than da ningge ellam mukavasi kootte uduringe. Continue reading

[HOW TO DISABLE] Whatsapp Privacy Policy Updates – August 2016

If you’ve just hit ‘AGREE’ on the latest Whatsapp notification about the updates on their terms and privacy policy without even reading them fully, here’s why you should be worried about.

While Whatsapp had been boasting about improving their end-to-end encryption service, Whatsapp Calling and many more, there is also an update about your own privacy being ‘breached’ – Whatsapp will now share some data about you to Facebook. Continue reading

5 Unique Ideas for Malaysian Indian Weddings

While the Malays are so advanced in terms of wedding creativity, we Malaysian Indians are still hooked up to the same ‘ol ‘must have sami padom’, ‘must have relatives’ names’ and many other rules for a wedding card for example. This of course, limits our potential to be creative and imaginative as we are stuffed by “others” to just adhere to the norms of a Malaysian Indian wedding.

But.. but.. I wanted my wedding to be unique from the rest. You know, I’m tired of the ancient look of our typical wedding cards and same old mappilai and ponnu entry.

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

Yes, in fact, many people do have the same concern and most of the people would be lacking of ideas on how to improvise their wedding preparations and execution. That is why I’m here to share with you the top 5 unique ideas that you might want to implement and take as an inspiration, if you want to. Continue reading

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