It was the eve of our first wedding anniversary (21st Nov 2016) and we thought of celebrating it far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. I took charge of the arrangements a few weeks earlier and I had two places in mind at that time – Sekeping Serendah or The Dusun. A quick check at Sekeping’s website revealed that it was booked on that particular date! Dayumnn.

Luckily The Dusun (Tembusu House) was available and immediately I placed the booking and paid the following day upon receiving their email confirmation. Booking a spot at The Dusun is pretty much easy as we just need to pick our date(s), fill up our particulars and wait for their confirmation email. Oh not to forget, we need to first choose the ‘house’ that we’ll be staying – depending on how many pax and the type of activities that we’re going to do. I chose Tembusu as it is kind of isolated from the rest (sits at the top of the hill) and the house suits perfectly for both of us.

Our journey embarked from Banting all the way to the destination. Please bear in mind that at one point, there’ll be a one-lane road leading to The Dusun so if you happened to spot another car coming down from the hill whilst you are going up, you know what to do.

Instead of writing more and more paragraphs, we’ll try to keep our experience as short as possible and straight to the point of course.

  1. The Tembusu house sits at an excellent spot on top of the hill, paving way for the beautiful scenery of the greeneries surrounding the house. This house will be perfect for couples
  2. Privacy is pretty much guaranteed. Only residents and staffs will be around The Dusun as they have a strict policy of not allowing any extra guests or outsiders.
  3. Yes, the bedroom at Tembusu is akin to open-space concept – You’ll basically be sleeping while enjoying the view of the trees accompanied by sounds produced by various insects. Don’t worry about the bed as it is set up with mosquito net by default.
  4. Be prepared to face some uninvited guests such as frogs, toads and many others albeit 99% of them are harmless – I believe.
  5. The Tembusu house consists of a clean toilet cum shower facilities, kitchen utensils, fridge, BBQ facilities and many more. Please let the caretaker know in advance that you are going to do BBQ so that they’ll send over a staff to light up the charcoals for you.
  6. Breakfast area is just nearby together with the swimming pool. The breakfast served was average as it was nothing much to shout about.
  7. One can take a stroll during the day exploring the nature’s beauty but just hope that it won’t rain that day. We didn’t walked much as we preferred to sip a cup of tea talking to each other while enjoying the scenery most of the time.

Since we stayed only for a night, there was nothing much to do apart from enjoying the scenery (which we really enjoyed) and sipping some hot tea and coffee every now and then.

If you’re planning to go here anytime soon, feel free to ask us anything and we’ll try to guide you as much as possible. 🙂