So yeah, all of a sudden I decided to put up some of my old coins (1960’s punya) for sale in when I was greeted by a foreigner via Whatsapp almost immediately kononnya from Singapore trying his level best to convince me to sell off the coins to him. Having experienced with many scammers in the past, I can pretty much 99.99% certify that this bugger is a noob scammer. Come on Nigerian scammers, don’t you guys at least wait for a few hours or days just to make the whole interested-buying-thing look realistic? Ingge than da ningge ellam mukavasi kootte uduringe.

That’s not all! As how their modus-operandi goes all the time, I have to pay some ‘Agent Fees’ as well as some other Mairandi fees so that his fictional bank will release the payment to me. Yenda dei, yenode item’e vikirthekku naane kaasu kaattunoma? As the saying by Goundamani goes, *start the music*.

Machan started to Whatsapp me for the first time. He tried to sound as genuine as he could

Thooodaaaa, coins vangge pickup agent na. Poda naiye.

Provided my bank ‘details’.

Fuhh, semme high-tech la this bank. Dealing with emails, not bad.

Some excerpt from the email that the scammer’s bank manager had sent. Fuhhh

Some excerpt from the email that the scammer’s bank manager had sent. Fuhhh – Part 2

I created my own SMS Notification message based on the account number that he had given via email:
Account Number: 7617250093
Bank Name: CIMB BANK

Machan teaching me on how to take a screenshot for payment verification

Rumbe avusarom paduran, so I also need to rush.

Created yet another fake bank transaction details to fool the shit outta’ him

Paiye pulle nambittan polle.
As you can see, immediately he demanded for another payment that wasn’t even mentioned in the email that the so-called bank manager had sent.

And another payment that I have to make just to sell off my own item. Podangggg &^@#@

Decided to cut short the conversation, so I’ve sent him the ‘payment proof’ – which happens to be a Youtube video

If you are curious to know what is the Youtube video that I’ve sent him, here it is:

Go HERE (Nothing sexy or vulgar, just a Tamil song)

Athuke approm sound’e kannom. Hope he got the message.