Raju has been waiting for almost 5 years waiting for some maharasa or mahalakshmi to magically appear on his doorstep and offer him a job. Will he succeed in getting one?

Definitely no!

Folks, if you’ve just finished your studies and currently in the midst of finding for a job, remember, you are the one that should be aftering the job and not the other way around.  Obviously, you can’t be sitting at home and waiting for someone to offer you a job. It’s YOU who should be making the first move in finding one.

Picture is irrelevant. Sekadar gambar hiasan sahaja

Picture is irrelevant. Sekadar gambar hiasan sahaja.

I understand that many of you might have tried and failed but trust me, there are many other avenues that you could explore.  Do not just give up after your first few attempts but instead, keep trying until you get one. Some of you might also give reasons such as “Ohh, they are asking for Chinese candidates or fluency in Mandarin language” or “They are asking for 3 years experience whereby I’m just a fresh graduate!“. Yes, I have to admit that some of the requirements are rubbish but that doesn’t mean you could assume that all jobs “are the same”.

Here are some best practices on how you could land yourself a job or at least a proper response from some headhunters / recruiters:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
    I can bet that some of those swag machans and meenachis would have heard about LinkedIn but could never have bothered on having one as they might’ve been too busy posting selfies on their Facebook. Trust me, having a proper LinkedIn profile does boost your skills and experience. A proper LinkedIn profile is defined as having listed down your appropriate skillsets and experience with a decent picture of yourself (please, no selfies). At the same time, ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes, rojak languages, weirdo symbols (e.g. —==== A.B.O.U.T M.E====—), ASCII arts and all those stupid things that you used to do in Facebook/Friendster. Remember folks, LinkedIn is all about professionalism.
  2. Tweaking your LinkedIn Profile
    *This is sort of a continuation from above*. You see, LinkedIn allows you to customize your profile background image. But, that doesn’t mean you can simply go and put some images of actress Trisha, Zayn Malik or even Vidyut Jamwal as the background image to showcase your immaturity. Again, let me reiterate that LinkedIn is all about professionalism. Here’s an example of a background image that I am currently using for my profile:https://media.licdn.com/media//p/6/005/092/067/0eb764f.jpg
    Yeah, I know you will ask about the quote. It was added due to relevancy on what I’m doing for now – technology. If you are having a hard time designing one, just Google for some wallpapers that contain motivational quotes (may or may not be relevant to your field) and start cropping ’em. Having said that, this gives a very good impression to the fellow headhunters / recruiters that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and the way you are projecting yourself through your profile. Remember, LinkedIn is not only about you finding for a job – it’s also a platform for headhunters and recruiters to find a person like you and give you a job.
  3. Writing a Proper Resume
    Before I proceed further, I will be writing an article on how to write a proper resume for dummies – catered for Malaysian Indians soon so I won’t be elaborating much on this. For now, please ensure that there are no severe grammatical mistakes in your resume (albeit there might be a few that could have went unnoticed) as well as ensuring that your resume’s layout is neat and clean. Please watch out for my next article as I will go in detail about all these.
  4. Website-surveying
    If you are interested to work in a particular company and have already applied via Jobstreet/JobsDB (the company’s job listing in these sites), don’t just think that you are done. Please take your time to find out the company’s website and start browsing as much as you can, particularly on their CONTACT US or CAREERS or even ABOUT US page. Usually, the company’s HR (Human Resource) or GE (General Enquiries) email address will be stated there and you can just email them directly with your resume attached. If the recipient is other than HR, normally they will just forward the incoming mail to the respective person / department. In a nutshell, the probability of having your resume being viewed is much higher if you send directly compared to applying through online job portals.
  5. Read and Fathom Correctly
    Just because a job posting mentioned that they’d prefer a Chinese candidate, that doesn’t mean that the job is solely meant for Chinese. It basically means that the nature of the job requires one to communicate in Chinese dialects frequently to their China counterparts or for any other valid reason. ‘Preferred’ is NOT equivalent to Required. The same goes for ‘Mandarin-Proficiency Preferred’. If you don’t have any Mandarin proficiency – doesn’t matter. So, the verdict for this is – JUST SEND IN YOUR GOD DAMN RESUME BECAUSE YOU DON’T LOSE ANYTHING INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT IT.

I’m not a big fan of Jobstreet/JobsDB and that is why they are not included explicitly in the list above although there are a little chance that your resume *might stand out* from the rest 500 applicants.

To freshies, good luck in finding one. To job hoppers, good luck to you as well.