While the Malays are so advanced in terms of wedding creativity, we Malaysian Indians are still hooked up to the same ‘ol ‘must have sami padom’, ‘must have relatives’ names’ and many other rules for a wedding card for example. This of course, limits our potential to be creative and imaginative as we are stuffed by “others” to just adhere to the norms of a Malaysian Indian wedding.

But.. but.. I wanted my wedding to be unique from the rest. You know, I’m tired of the ancient look of our typical wedding cards and same old mappilai and ponnu entry.

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

Yes, in fact, many people do have the same concern and most of the people would be lacking of ideas on how to improvise their wedding preparations and execution. That is why I’m here to share with you the top 5 unique ideas that you might want to implement and take as an inspiration, if you want to.

Implementation of a QR Code

Depending on the size of your wedding card, you might want to leave some space at the back of the card to have your QR code being displayed. If you are not sure on what is a QR code, read this. Most of our Android and iPhone devices enable us to scan for QR codes and it will automatically execute depending on what the code is intended for. In this case, you might want to make the code to:

a) Go to your Facebook Wedding Invitation link
b) Go to Google Maps (route to your Wedding Hall etc.)
c) Go to your Youtube Wedding montage video
d) Display some custom-written message
e) Many more..

You may generate the code for FREE and one of the website that I would recommend is GoQR.me. Once you’ve generated your code, be sure to download the EPS version of the code and email that file to your wedding card printer. I’m pretty sure they won’t charge you extra just to have this code being inserted in your wedding card! If you need any assistance, just write a comment below. 🙂

An example of a QR code in a wedding card

An example of a QR code in a wedding card

Implementation of a Caricature

I’m pretty sure you might have came across some caricature drawings but would have never thought to have one. Perhaps now it’s the time for you to be super-creative and start having one for your wedding card! Sorry to say but having a picture of Vinayagar or some Ramayana-styled ancient Indian couples clipart displayed at the front portion of your wedding card is so oldskool. And not to forget, many people’s utmost concern would be “Ama.. Anthe card approm kuppe ku than pogepothu.. approm yen sami padom ellam pottukittu”

There are many vector-based Illustrators out there who would be able to design a nice caricature of you and your partner. Please Google around for these designers and once you have that design with you, please pass it to the card printer and ask them to include the caricature at the front replacing whatever object that might be there.

NOTE: Most of the ready-made wedding cards that you have chosen can be customized subject that the alterations are minor.

Caricature Example

Caricature Example

Wedding Website Creation

Have you ever thought of having a wedding website of your own? No, it’s not the typical blogspot or tumblr blogs that I’m talking about. It’s something cool, something that may give more information to your attendees. It’s something like “youwedsyourpartner.com“. Sounds cool isn’t it?

Well, it might cost you some penny since you got to purchase the TLD domain and hosting for your website. I’m not going to go too technical in this but I will just give some rough ideas on what you could do with the website – You may want to upload all your Pre-Wedding pictures, have a Shoutbox/Chatbox somewhere, implement a live Google Map, have your Wedding Itinerary or you could simply redirect the main domain to your Facebook Wedding invitation link, which will be ideal if you ask me.

An example of having your own wedding website being mentioned in your wedding card

An example of having your own wedding website being mentioned in your wedding card

Bikers Convoy

Be it for your wedding ceremony or reception journey, you and/or your partner’s arrival might want to be accompanied with some convoy of superbikers for a change. NOTE: This is not something new but like I said earlier, feel free to take this as an inspiration. See below for an example from our wedding:

If you require such services, please contact Mr.Vejay @ Rising Bikers for more details. For the beautiful videography, you may want to contact Mr.Kannan from Sun Ray Pictures.

Intro / Presentation Song

While there are tons of music to be chosen from, one might find it a bit hard to choose a proper song to be played during couple’s arrival, food presentation or even for a special dance performance itself. Due to this, many tend to opt for some Kollywood movie song unbeknownst to them that there are many spot-on songs yet to be explored.

By mentioning ‘spot-on’, I’m referring to a song which constitutes a blend of Indian classical, soul, club mix and pop – One such song is Love Supreme by Dissidenten.

I remember attending a wedding years ago and there was a dance performance – A peacock dance performance to be specific accompanied with this song and I got to say, the whole ambience was splendid!


Well, thanks for your time in reading this! All the above are merely by suggestions and ideas for your upcoming wedding planning and you are more than welcome to ask any questions that you may have. If you have better ideas, feel free to share them with us. 🙂