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Lately, I’ve been getting some Internal Server Errors (500) on my WordPress sites whenever I tend to use things like Visual Composer, Live Composer and so on. Checking the Cpanel error logs doesn’t seem to help so I tend to tail the Apache error logs. This is what I will encounter: ModSecurity: Output filter: Response […]

The Dusun @ Seremban – Tembusu House

It was the eve of our first wedding anniversary (21st Nov 2016) and we thought of celebrating it far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. I took charge of the arrangements a few weeks earlier and I had two places in mind at that time – Sekeping Serendah or The Dusun. A quick check at […]

Getting a Job for Dummies

Raju has been waiting for almost 5 years waiting for some maharasa or mahalakshmi to magically appear on his doorstep and offer him a job. Will he succeed in getting one? Definitely no! Folks, if you’ve just finished your studies and currently in the midst of finding for a job, remember, you are the one […]

One Single Wedding Event? Mudiyathu!

“Pakkethu vittu Amsavalli magalleku reception vechange, appo unnekom vekinom!” “Sonthokarengge kepangge yen reception/dinner vekille’nu” “Athe vecha than nambelekku perumme” “Terille, reason ille, aana veche aagenum!” For Malaysian Indians, it has been a norm for married couples to have a separate wedding reception (usually at night) in a bigger and grand scale. It can be a […]