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Scamming a Machan? Try Harder Deyyy

So yeah, all of a sudden I decided to put up some of my old coins (1960’s punya) for sale in when I was greeted by a foreigner via Whatsapp almost immediately kononnya from Singapore trying his level best to convince me to sell off the coins to him. Having experienced with many scammers in the past, I can pretty much 99.99% certify that this bugger is a noob scammer. Come on Nigerian scammers, don’t you guys at least wait for a few hours or days just to make the whole interested-buying-thing look realistic? Ingge than da ningge ellam mukavasi kootte uduringe.

That’s not all! As how their modus-operandi goes all the time, I have to pay some ‘Agent Fees’ as well as some other Mairandi fees so that his fictional bank will release the payment to me. Yenda dei, yenode item’e vikirthekku naane kaasu kaattunoma? As the saying by Goundamani goes, *start the music*.

Machan started to Whatsapp me for the first time. He tried to sound as genuine as he could

Thooodaaaa, coins vangge pickup agent na. Poda naiye.

Provided my bank ‘details’.

Fuhh, semme high-tech la this bank. Dealing with emails, not bad.

Some excerpt from the email that the scammer’s bank manager had sent. Fuhhh

Some excerpt from the email that the scammer’s bank manager had sent. Fuhhh – Part 2

I created my own SMS Notification message based on the account number that he had given via email:
Account Number: 7617250093
Bank Name: CIMB BANK

Machan teaching me on how to take a screenshot for payment verification

Rumbe avusarom paduran, so I also need to rush.

Created yet another fake bank transaction details to fool the shit outta’ him

Paiye pulle nambittan polle.
As you can see, immediately he demanded for another payment that wasn’t even mentioned in the email that the so-called bank manager had sent.

And another payment that I have to make just to sell off my own item. Podangggg &^@#@

Decided to cut short the conversation, so I’ve sent him the ‘payment proof’ – which happens to be a Youtube video

If you are curious to know what is the Youtube video that I’ve sent him, here it is:

Go HERE (Nothing sexy or vulgar, just a Tamil song)

Athuke approm sound’e kannom. Hope he got the message.


[HOW TO DISABLE] Whatsapp Privacy Policy Updates – August 2016

If you’ve just hit ‘AGREE’ on the latest Whatsapp notification about the updates on their terms and privacy policy without even reading them fully, here’s why you should be worried about.

While Whatsapp had been boasting about improving their end-to-end encryption service, Whatsapp Calling and many more, there is also an update about your own privacy being ‘breached’ – Whatsapp will now share some data about you to Facebook.

While it may not sound so serious yet, things may go out of hand in the near future if they keep sharing more and more information about you, under the pretext of contributing to .

“Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA, and we built WhatsApp around the goal of knowing as little about you as possible,” the privacy policy used to uplift about.

To read more on how this update will affect you, read this.

For now, let’s just assume that you’ve hit AGREE and now are wondering on how to make a U-turn. No worries.

From your Whatsapp main interface, go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT and you will see the following:

This is the screen that you will see when you tap SETTINGS > ACCOUNT. Uncheck the option at the bottom that says "Share my account info"

This is the screen that you will see when you tap SETTINGS > ACCOUNT. Uncheck the option at the bottom that says “Share my account info”

Once you uncheck, the following message will pop out and scare the hell out of you:

Nothing much to do here. Keep calm and just click on DON'T SHARE. And voila!

Nothing much to do here. Keep calm and just click on DON’T SHARE. And voila!

5 Unique Ideas for Malaysian Indian Weddings

While the Malays are so advanced in terms of wedding creativity, we Malaysian Indians are still hooked up to the same ‘ol ‘must have sami padom’, ‘must have relatives’ names’ and many other rules for a wedding card for example. This of course, limits our potential to be creative and imaginative as we are stuffed by “others” to just adhere to the norms of a Malaysian Indian wedding.

But.. but.. I wanted my wedding to be unique from the rest. You know, I’m tired of the ancient look of our typical wedding cards and same old mappilai and ponnu entry.

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

An example of a creative Malay Wedding Card

Yes, in fact, many people do have the same concern and most of the people would be lacking of ideas on how to improvise their wedding preparations and execution. That is why I’m here to share with you the top 5 unique ideas that you might want to implement and take as an inspiration, if you want to. Continue reading

Getting a Job for Dummies

Raju has been waiting for almost 5 years waiting for some maharasa or mahalakshmi to magically appear on his doorstep and offer him a job. Will he succeed in getting one?

Definitely no!

Folks, if you’ve just finished your studies and currently in the midst of finding for a job, remember, you are the one that should be aftering the job and not the other way around.  Obviously, you can’t be sitting at home and waiting for someone to offer you a job. It’s YOU who should be making the first move in finding one.

Picture is irrelevant. Sekadar gambar hiasan sahaja

Picture is irrelevant. Sekadar gambar hiasan sahaja.

I understand that many of you might have tried and failed but trust me, there are many other avenues that you could explore.  Do not just give up after your first few attempts but instead, keep trying until you get one. Some of you might also give reasons such as “Ohh, they are asking for Chinese candidates or fluency in Mandarin language” or “They are asking for 3 years experience whereby I’m just a fresh graduate!“. Yes, I have to admit that some of the requirements are rubbish but that doesn’t mean you could assume that all jobs “are the same”.

Here are some best practices on how you could land yourself a job or at least a proper response from some headhunters / recruiters:

  1. LinkedIn Profile
    I can bet that some of those swag machans and meenachis would have heard about LinkedIn but could never have bothered on having one as they might’ve been too busy posting selfies on their Facebook. Trust me, having a proper LinkedIn profile does boost your skills and experience. A proper LinkedIn profile is defined as having listed down your appropriate skillsets and experience with a decent picture of yourself (please, no selfies). At the same time, ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes, rojak languages, weirdo symbols (e.g. —==== A.B.O.U.T M.E====—), ASCII arts and all those stupid things that you used to do in Facebook/Friendster. Remember folks, LinkedIn is all about professionalism.
  2. Tweaking your LinkedIn Profile
    *This is sort of a continuation from above*. You see, LinkedIn allows you to customize your profile background image. But, that doesn’t mean you can simply go and put some images of actress Trisha, Zayn Malik or even Vidyut Jamwal as the background image to showcase your immaturity. Again, let me reiterate that LinkedIn is all about professionalism. Here’s an example of a background image that I am currently using for my profile:
    Yeah, I know you will ask about the quote. It was added due to relevancy on what I’m doing for now – technology. If you are having a hard time designing one, just Google for some wallpapers that contain motivational quotes (may or may not be relevant to your field) and start cropping ’em. Having said that, this gives a very good impression to the fellow headhunters / recruiters that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and the way you are projecting yourself through your profile. Remember, LinkedIn is not only about you finding for a job – it’s also a platform for headhunters and recruiters to find a person like you and give you a job.

  3. Writing a Proper Resume
    Before I proceed further, I will be writing an article on how to write a proper resume for dummies – catered for Malaysian Indians soon so I won’t be elaborating much on this. For now, please ensure that there are no severe grammatical mistakes in your resume (albeit there might be a few that could have went unnoticed) as well as ensuring that your resume’s layout is neat and clean. Please watch out for my next article as I will go in detail about all these.
  4. Website-surveying
    If you are interested to work in a particular company and have already applied via Jobstreet/JobsDB (the company’s job listing in these sites), don’t just think that you are done. Please take your time to find out the company’s website and start browsing as much as you can, particularly on their CONTACT US or CAREERS or even ABOUT US page. Usually, the company’s HR (Human Resource) or GE (General Enquiries) email address will be stated there and you can just email them directly with your resume attached. If the recipient is other than HR, normally they will just forward the incoming mail to the respective person / department. In a nutshell, the probability of having your resume being viewed is much higher if you send directly compared to applying through online job portals.
  5. Read and Fathom Correctly
    Just because a job posting mentioned that they’d prefer a Chinese candidate, that doesn’t mean that the job is solely meant for Chinese. It basically means that the nature of the job requires one to communicate in Chinese dialects frequently to their China counterparts or for any other valid reason. ‘Preferred’ is NOT equivalent to Required. The same goes for ‘Mandarin-Proficiency Preferred’. If you don’t have any Mandarin proficiency – doesn’t matter. So, the verdict for this is – JUST SEND IN YOUR GOD DAMN RESUME BECAUSE YOU DON’T LOSE ANYTHING INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT IT.

I’m not a big fan of Jobstreet/JobsDB and that is why they are not included explicitly in the list above although there are a little chance that your resume *might stand out* from the rest 500 applicants.

To freshies, good luck in finding one. To job hoppers, good luck to you as well.


Cooking Mutton Peratal for Dummies (Without Pressure Cooker)

Cooking mutton might be a costly one for beginners. It might be a bit difficult to be cooked due to the fact that one can easily get tired waiting endlessly for the mutton to cook properly. Having said that, keep your worries aside as I will guide you on how you could cook ‘Mutton Peratalwithout a pressure cooker in just 5 easy steps (with pictures).

This recipe will be ideal for college students or those who are staying at hostel with limited utensils. Additionally, I won’t be using pressure cooker for this since only a normal pan will be used throughout the end (makes your life easier!).


[Preparations for 4 pax]
[Preparation time: < 15 minutes]
[Cooking time: ~45 minutes]

  1. 500g mutton (cut in cubes)
  2. Spices (cinnamon stick 1 inch, 2 or 3 cloves, mustard seeds and cumin seeds)
  3. 2 medium potatoes (cut almost the same size as the mutton)
  4. 2 medium chopped tomatoes
  5. 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  6. 2 tbsp onion paste
  7. Curry leaves
  8. 1 tbsp ground cumin
  9. 1 tbsp ground coriander
  10. 1/2 tsp ground turmeric
  11. 2 tbsp chilli paste (optional)
  12. 2 tbsp Baba’s meat masala powder
  13. 10ml-20ml coconut milk
  14. Salt as required
  15. 3 tbsp cooking oil
  16. Fresh coriander leaves (optional)

Methods: Continue reading

One Single Wedding Event? Mudiyathu!

"Pakkethu vittu Amsavalli magalleku reception vechange, appo unnekom vekinom!"

"Sonthokarengge kepangge yen reception/dinner vekille'nu"

"Athe vecha than nambelekku perumme"

"Terille, reason ille, aana veche aagenum!"

For Malaysian Indians, it has been a norm for married couples to have a separate wedding reception (usually at night) in a bigger and grand scale. It can be a reception held only by the bride or bridegroom or even a combined one. I have to admit that there are many valid reasons for the couples to have one such as the distant location of both families, expectation of massive crowd, wee hours wedding ceremony and so on.

However, I would like to stress on a particular category of couples who will have no idea on why they are having a wedding reception. These couples would usually be so eager to have one but when asked why they decided to have it, they will definitely be staring blank at each other. These couples' only intention would be to either gain some fame, compete with others or just having it for the sake of having it. | Wedding Kolam

There's a proverb in Malay that goes like the following: "Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna". Irregardless of how we knock some sense on one's head, they will still stick to their very own priciple; do first, regret later. If you (and your partner) are kind of broke, own a not-so-gempak car, yet to own a property, working 9~6 earning peanuts and in the midst of planning to have your wedding, please consider having a single wedding event (unless you have some valid reasons like mentioned above) and don't bother wasting your time impressing 1000 strangers guests in which half of them might not even know your existence until your wedding date. A single wedding event can be categorised as a wedding ceremony that is being held in a temple with a massive crowd or held in a hall that is large enough to accommodate decent number of guests.

That being said, here are some general rules of thumb in getting married for newbies:

1) Do not take any kind of loans just to have the best wedding reception
This is definitely a BIG NO-NO. Don't plunge into debt for the rest of your life just for a 'oru naal kuuthu' and for the sake of impressing your guests. I've heard enough stories on how many couples are suffering post-marriage abuses and sleepless nights caused by Ah-longs and debt collectors. ONLY SPEND THE MONEY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET!

2) Suggestions are welcomed, but you and your partner should be the final decision-makers
Unless the whole reception is funded by your family members or someone else, you and your partner should be solely responsible for the budgetting and disbursement of money. Tips: Create an Excel sheet in Google Docs and give the permission to yourself and your partner. Create four columns for 'Tasks, Deposit Paid, Full Amount, Balance Payable". For every cent that comes out from your savings for wedding purposes, please update the sheet concurrently. | Wedding Budget

3) Research and survey properly
Please allocate some time to survey for the best caterers, entertainers, DJ's, photographers and so on. Lately, we've seen many cases of married couples being cheated by a so-called "professional photographer" who went missing together with their wedding photos, totally untracable. Imagine how would you feel after going through a hectic zombified week tying the knot in the end just to know that your wedding memories are nowhere to be seen the week after? Dayuummmmnnnn.

4) Talk openly to your spouse and his/her family members
This, my friends, is the most important thing. By talking out and expressing your views, there is a chance that your views might influence and motivate others to think from your perspective. For instance, parents of ponnu might say that: "Wedding reception is a MUST! Athuke ungge side oru RM30k kudungge!" You, as the mappilai, could simply barge in and tell them:

Uncle, ille uncle, nangge oru house vanggulam nu plan potturkom, so we are planning to invest some of our savings into that. Additionally, we also plan to invest in a Europe-tour honeymoon and do some massive shopping over there.  Yenggelekku ithu than santhosam

Fact is, not many mappilais have the balls to talk like that. Again, let me reiterate that the example given above is merely for those who are planning to have a wedding reception without any valid reason. At the same time, I won't deny the fact that there are many parents out there who understand our intention and give us the freedom to decide our marriage life.

Nalla yosingge, nalla plan panungge. If you are running out of time, I totally understand but please try to plan wisely and not emotionally. Do tons of research and calculations on how you could save cost on every aspects. Talk to some friends about it or you could even ask us if you needed some advise (heck I'm not a genius but at least I can share my experience). Necessities and priorities dear readers, it's all about necessities and priorities.

Ithe padichiyom, ningge poi loan yeduthe, kalyanam panni, approm kastham pattu vanthu complain paningge naa, I only have one message for you:


This is just a teaser post to kickstart our M1 articles and there will definitely be a part 2 of this soonest.

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Reshaping our Purpose for Malaysian Indian Makkals

There might be around 20, if not 30+ Malaysian Indian related Facebook pages out there that tend to 'educate' the makkals on what to do and what not to do. Unfortunately, some of their intentions deviated from their initial purpose and all they could care about now is to post videos on one getting chopped, one taking a selfie video of them stripping singing, conversations screencap on how someone is talking shit to each other, feminazis talking about men all the time and the list goes on (look, we are not saying that posting all these is a no-no but perhaps they might want to slot in some beneficial articles as well from time to time). used to post M1 articles which are mostly social-related by stating the obvious either directly or indirectly. tend to do the same except that there will be a new author in town – My beloved wife Nea. She will cover most of the cooking and travelling parts as well as sharing some of her life journey and experience with everyone. We've already brainstormed the type of articles that we will be posting in the next few days and rest assured that we'll try to make it as fun as possible! Here are some teasers:

1) Buying a House For Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

2) Buying a Car For Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

3) How to travel cheaply to <insert some place here>? – Catered for Malaysian Indians

4) Applying a Job For Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

5) Writing a Resume For Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

6) Cooking for Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

7) Getting Married for Dummies – Catered for Malaysian Indians

You see, by posting all the above, we are not saying that we are a bunch of experts in those field(s). We will be merely sharing our experience with everyone so that you all won't be going through the same hassle that we went through and at the same time we would want to make your life easier by suggesting some tips, tricks, shortcuts and freebies when and wherever possible.

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Kabali (2016) Tamil Film Review by A Malaysian

For me, the movie Kabali is really nice. Probably those who don't seem to like it couldn't comprehend the harsh reality and bitter truth depicted in that movie albeit everything went in a fast-paced mode.

One need to try to fathom the message delivered instead of grumbling on how the movie is NOT the usual Rajini-type movie (please, could someone explain in detail on what kind of story they were expecting?). The way the film crews researched everything about the Malaysian Indian gangsters as well as the poverty-stricken estate people are highly commendable. Even the gang numbers (Gang 00 and Gang 43) were carefully derived not to imitate the current gangs in Malaysia.

Apart from that, we were informed that the ending scene of Kabali in Malaysia is different compared to those in India (or perhaps even rest of the world). In Malaysia, the movie will end like this:


For those of you who are yet to watch this movie, please at least watch this movie once.

Where is and What is

The above might be the first question that pops in your mind if you still remember my first blog, It is not dead yet as all I've done for now is merely redirecting the domain and traffic over here.

So, what is was opened with the intention of having two bloggers (probably more than that in future) under one platform. The bloggers are none other than myself  (Viknes) and my beloved wife (Nea). Together, we've decided to bring you the best of both worlds in terms of sharing our traveling experience, food / baking stuffs (wife's section of course), tips and tricks, 'For Dummies' articles and so on. In short, this will soon be a AIO (all-in-one) blog that covers almost everything!

What happened to your M1 (Maire Satu) articles?

Well, the M1 principle still applies and will always be applied regardless of where I go (too bad, my wife is forced to adapt the M1 style). My old articles in have been archived for now and so far I have no plans to revive them or what-so-ever. However, all the articles posted in this blog WILL carry the M1 essence henceforth.

Last but not least, just sit back and relax while we'll share our journey and experience that may or may not benefit you. Nevertheless, we hope that we won't be wasting your time. 🙂

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